Make teutonic knights good for the first time

How about giving TK’s the ability to switch between melee and a ranged unit? Like bengalis ratha.
Must be a really poor archer to be balanced. Like 5 Attack for Elite TK and 4 range, teutons dont have access to bracer, so i think it would be ok. Also, they should take extra damage from skirmishers though.

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This is an awful idea. They are great defensive units. They can literally kill a paladin. They have been recently buffed, they cost 10 less gold.


i dont want TK being rekt by a trash unit.


TK are so slow you either need other units like skirms or rams to cover their weaknesses or you need to start with another unit first like knights to make opponent react with pikes. Actually on 2nd thoughts Teutons don’t get bracer so their skirms are pretty weak so stick with rams / onager to counter ranged units. While raiding with knights, you build up numbers of TK in secret and then put them inside rams for a big push. Unless your opponent has scouted your siege workshop and secret TK gathering place, he won’t have prepared a counter until it’s too late. Get ironclad technology from the Castle to make your rams more tanky and it will be GG. If you have decent micro, you could also go ironclad onagers to deal with enemy crossbow / arbalest.

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I would much rather the melee/ranged option be given to Samurai instead, since it was planned for them to have it since AoK days and they need the ranged UU counter much more than Teutonic Knights do.


just make them move as fast as champion, that’s it.