Make the Balearic slinger the Unique Unit of the Catalunya civ

Make the Balearic slinger the Unique Unit of the Catalunya civ.

What on Earth are you talking about?


This stems from that topic you’ve created about splitting the Spanish. Well, here’s my take on it: create the Catalunya civ and make the Balearic slinger their Unique Unit.

It doesn’t make thematic sense. That was an ancient period soldier. We should not model units off the Woad Raider.


And as the name clearly says, the slinger was from the Balearic Islands, not Catalonia.

Hehe, “every idea is rejected” all right. Anyway, like you said, we have the Woad Raider; also the Throwing Axeman, and the Huns, for God’s sake.

Hannibal came from Carthago and that didn’t stop him from employing the Balearic slingers. Also, today the official language of the islands is Catalan.

The Woad Raider is a bad example of anachronistic history. It should not be modeled after, exactly like I said.

Throwing Axemen existed during the early Middle Ages as far as I can tell.

The Huns are indeed a strange choice, but they were responsible for part of Rome’s downfall. Anything before that period does not belong.

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Yeah, true, but that happened like 1500 years before. It’s like adding the Macedonian Phalanx for the Byzantines.



Guys, why are you so sure that the Balearic slinger didn’t exist during the Middle Ages? The snag here is that we are all associating them with the Punic war, but we need to think outside that framework.

Well, the burden of proof is yours to prove that there were such soldiers in middle ages, I guess…


THAT DOESN’T MATTER. My point is that if the possibility of such soldiers being active in the Middle Ages exist, then they’re good enough for the game. Neither Mayas nor Incas had Eagle warriors, but there you have them in those civs’ rosters. It’s important to understand how AOE2 has been tweaking the rules of historicity for the past 25.

But why should the Balearic slingers be prioritized over attested historical units such as Almogavars?


They could be for two different civs. Balearic slinger for the Catalunyans, Almogavars for the Castilians. One ranged, one melee. This DLC develops itself.

Do we really need half a dozen civilizations on the Iberian Peninsula?


Two is plenty. 3 if you count berber invasion.

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I’m all for dissolving the umbrella terms and adding variation and richness. The same goes for sarracens, slavs and chinese; persinas are going to have a rework, just like hindustanis did.

Almogavars were not from Castile, they were specifically from the Kingdom of Aragon which ruled over the county of Catalonia.

Well then, Castillians and Catalunyans could represent two different time periods, just like Franks and Teutons or Mongols and Tatars do.

Both groups lived side by side better comparison is romans and byzantines.

We already have a slinger unit as a uu so adding a a second might be redundant.

Completely agree. The only civ I would ever consider adding to the Iberian peninsula is Al Andalus.

There were also Almogavars in Castille. But, yes, the Aragonese ones were much more iconic.

To be honest, I’d prefer if the Almogavar were the unique unit of the Spanish instead of the meme Conquistador

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