Make the Mongols cav civ!

The Mongols had 100% cavalry armies and never had infantry. (only when dismounted).
Therefore, I suggest to nerf all of its infantry, I don’t like playing the Mongols like HRE civ…
It is boring.
Make the civ bonuses focus on cavalry like the French.
But again, nerf infantry significantly.
The Mongols are not HRE!
And that is all for me.


Make Mangudai great again?


Who told u they never had infantry?
Go learn history bro.


While it’s true the mongols themselves were all pretty much mounted they used infantry from the territories they conquered. I agree though they should have more of a focus on their cavalry, maybe cost reduction for their mangudai or a unique tech for their horsemen seeing as they have early horsemen and English have vanguard men-at-arms and have a unique tech for their men-at-arms.


Back in the time, “army” had a different definition.
It is a large number of military units that are meant to attack someone or a place. (Mongols always used 100% mounted units).

Garrison units are meant to defend and not part of the army. (that would be the dismounted units on foot).

Boosting Mangudais to the point where they’re viable will go a long way to changing the Mongol composition. Even if the avg game saw Mongol just make 6-8 Mangudai, that’s not only more cavalry but also 8-12 fewer MAA or 12-16 fewer archers.

On the other hand, maybe players will just replace knights as raiders.

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And not even true to closest.

Mongols were heavy on mounted army, but they had army of foot soldiers that were kept in reserve till mounted troops mostly horse archers had done what they needed to do.


nope, they simply dismounted for other purposes such as attacking a city and cleaning houses, etc things that cannot be done while mounted. Otherwise, they were all originally mounted units.

in the modern military, countries have a navy army. What do they do? They operate military actions from submarines, ships, carriers, etc. It does have footmen, by they are not considered as infantry. They are navy.

You need to learn a lot about the military before you say something.

You too :slight_smile: Why don’t you provide source for the claim that they had no infantry

you both only get a part right.

it’s true that “all pure-blooded Mongolian warriors are mounted.” but the Mongol army wasn’t composition purely of Mongolians, actually there were usually fewer Mongolian than non-Mongolian in the army. and most non-Mongolian soldiers in the Mongol army were infantry.

Exactly this mongolian empire was large and vast and thousands of soldiers were brought from different parts of empire and most of those soldiers that came from conquered territories were infantry.

That aside even genghis khan used his cavalry men as infantry when it was favorable

As you know we don’t have those units in the game…
If so the Mongols would have Middle Eastern, European, Chinese, Korean etc all kinds of units which would make them really OP. But not. This is why they need to focus more on cavalry instead of infantry. The Mongols are famous for their cavalry units. Especially cavalry archers; not infantry.

And turning mounted units doesn’t change their background. Still will be called a cavalry unit, as the objective is temporary.
This is why I am telling nerf Mongol infantry and focusing on buffing the Mongol cavalry.

Armies of the Mongol Empire are typically imagined as vast armies of nomadic horse archers. While this is true and horse archers always remained the core component of the Mongol military in any part of the empire, the Mongol military used a variety of different units based on the operational theater and the availability of different units. Early in the Mongol conquests, the Mongols adopted siege warfare and developed a corps of engineers and artillery. Additionally, large units of infantry were used not only in China but also in other regions. The conquest of the Song Empire necessitated the development of a navy. Despite the disasters during the invasions of Japan, the Mongols actually became quite adept at naval warfare, particularly riverine warfare, not only using local methods, but also adopting tactics from steppe warfare to riverine combat. Finally, special units developed. Some of which were elite units, but other emerged for different types of warfare while still others, such as shamans, were embedded with armies but were only used when necessary. This discussion will examine the incorporation of sedentary troops into a nomadic military as well as how the Mongol military commanders learned to use them together.

But you are forgetting that the devs depicted Yuan as Chinese dynasty so that period is removed and added to the Chinese.

15th century Mongols in the game are based on the Golden Horde.
You don’t know how the game is made and its issues, but you still arguing…

According to your logic the Mongols in game shouldn’t have any siege weapons.

dont get your point?
You probably got it wrong bcse you cutting it according to your preference

For the mongols, The use of the counterweight trebuchet proved especially effective, when the cavalery could not cross the enemy wall.

Cavalery shortbow archer could fire faster at enemy, whit more precision, when attacking gun units.

Gun units took too much time to reload and aim slower on moving target, at the time, and needed close combat units to defend them, afther each shoot.

During the Yuan Dynasty in China, the Mongolian Empire no longer existed. When the Yuan Dynasty was established, the Mongolian Empire was divided into several Khanate states. Kublai Khan established the Yuan Dynasty in China, and the Yuan Dynasty broke out wars with other Khanate countries of the Mongolian Empire for leadership.

“not only in China”

Yuan Dynasty was essentially created by Mongols after conquering part of china.

This happened in 12th century not 15th.

You should probably check yourself. Game is based to medieval times from 8th century to 15th century.

With your logic mongols should only have cavalry. So ok lets buff lancers and mangudai but in return remove all infantry, siege and naval units. Happy?

Check the game campaign!
Play the game and understand where the game Mongols civ come from. You guys don’t know anything and talking non-sense. At least have that little knowledge to comment…

After the creation of the Yuan, it was still Mongol Khaganates.
Each son ruled their own land and answered to the Great Khan.
During the Yuan Dynasty al other Khanaganes accepted the Great Khan (not Khubilai tho).
So your argument is burned right there.

What I can say, is that the Chinese never empire never existed. The Mongols crushed them and the existing ones were not Chinese during 15th century.