Make the tutorial easier to find in main menu

You know, the ‘This is your Explorer, right click to move’ stuff.

I saw it in a youtube preview video but I can’t find it in the game.


Moved under the tools (main menu)…
i dont know why

Problem: Alot of new, beginner players I see on Twitch are confused because they cannot find the tutorial which is hidden in “Tools” in main menu, they end up never playing it.

Suggested change: Put “Tutorial” on first page of Main Menu, instead of behind a menu of “Tools”. So it’s easier for beginners to access.

Reason: It’ll help new players stay involved with the game. New players are overwhelmed about alot of basic mechanics without it.

You need to guide beginners on one of the hardest genres in gaming.

(I don’t like the word “casuals” and rather replace the word with “beginners”)


Agreed. I couldn’t find it either.

This is a very important feature to fix for new players to stay.

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