Make this for the mac

I would love to be able to play these again especially AOEDE-III BUT, I have a mac and I’m not really interested in going out and getting a pc just to play a couple games. Anyone else feeling that?

You can always use a virtual machine. Since it is being developed for Windows 10 I don’t think it would be either easy or in their interest to produce a Mac port. :frowning:

I’ve noticed and I’m sure Microsoft has as well a huge amount of folks with MacBooks and apple computers/products. I even only have macs in my home. But now I have to go get a pc just to play the games I want or I have to download something and alter my mac.

It would just be a huge show of costumer service to have versions available for the mac. Would it cost more ya undoubtedly, would it be well received? I think so yes.

Official macOS support is not going to happen. The original game never supported any platform other than Windows.
Age of Mythology supported Mac, but its expansion did not. AoM:EE on Steam is Windows only.
Age of Empires III supported Mac fully, but the Steam re-release is Windows only.
With two games that were on Mac not being supported on Mac any longer, there’s no way in the hells that a game that never existed on Mac before will be now.

As for unofficially running it, I don’t think the chances are good. I’ve never tried it myself, but people have told me that Windows Store applications are encrypted in such a way that WINE support is impossible. The good news is that Bootcamp is super easy to install and use. Plus, this game is so old that I reckon even with the new updated graphics, you’ve probably got a decent chance of being able to run it fairly well under a virtual machine.

Dude, would been awesome if this was available on Mac. I hunt down a tons of old games for mac but they are simply not supported by Sierra, some compatibility mode is needed for them because they were written for PowerPCs. :smile: So I install a WinXP in Parallels and play my good old games from GOG and Steam on that without worrying whether they are compatible with Win10. :smile:

Windows don’t vos want any other system than Xbox/pc