Make Villagers appear in FRONT of the Town Center by DEFAULT in a future patch?

Hello!! New Age of Empires IV player here (previously playing Age of Empires II DE alot back then and abit of Age of Mythology), and I was wondering if the devs can make the Villagers appear in FRONT of the Town Center by default (just like in Age of Empires II) instead of it appearing BEHIND the Town Center (which is how it works by default) as seen here.

I know that yes you can create waypoints, but for new players, wouldn’t it be better if this was the default instead of what we have currently in the game. I just worry that newbies might suddenly wonder where all the new Villagers they made went when its behind the Town Center and they can’t find em easily.

Just a little something I wanted to share, thank you!


In previous updates it didn’t happen and it was born in the forehead, but after a few updates ago, they broke it and haven’t fixed it yet :face_with_peeking_eye:.

if you look at the tc at the beginning df the video you can see it.


Totally agree!

Please fix this devs

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Oh man, that is unfortunate. :frowning:

I do hope the devs do fix this, coz while it is just a minor thing, for newbies this can be very confusing for them to get a hang of when they first play.

Just trying to find ways to make the game appeal much more to new players overall. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I do hope they’d consider adding this in a future patch/fix.

Consider doing the same when they ungarrion (unless you click on a target to where they should ungarrison, then they should appear on that side).

Add it to the list of things that are weird.

Yeah that would be a good idea too. Just simple QOL improvements that most people overlook but helps newbies a great deal to get into the game.

I read that it was not that way in the beginning, but later patches kinda screwed it up. Hopefully it would be fixed in the future.

I have been playing age4 since open beta and I age2 player also, I didn’t know even this behaviour existed in aoe4.

use rally point, the way game worked is the villager able to go out from any side of your TC, it depend where you put the rally point.

usually, the first 6 villagers will work on sheep, At the start of the game you queue villagers and immediately rally to the ship in front of the TC… with this method your villager will come out from the front of TC. with the latest patches, the three sheep are available right away in front of TC.

I understand that using rally point is the best way to do this, but I’m suggesting this as a way to make it easier for newbies or people who has ZERO experience in playing RTS games. And newbies has no idea how waypoints work, so yeah.

For people who don’t know that waypoints exists, this won’t be an issue.
They are (if there are even playing pvp at all) at an elo range, where you win 99% of the matches by just constantly producing villagers already.

Don’t get me wrong though.

I would wish for the waypoints to be working like in aoe3(de):
When a unit is garrisoned in a building and you set a waypoint, the units leave the building from that side right towards the waypoint when ungarrisoning.
The way it is right now, is a big joke honestly.