Make Wonder victory viable!

The decrease in Stone on maps wasn’t followed by a proper fix in Wonder cost.

But this isn’t the only problem, because this victory condition should be a real strategic option on 1v1, different from the agression focused on Landmark destruction ou map control focused on Sacred Sites retention. Economic superiority and solid defense are the marks of it.

I humbly propose that Wonders should follow this cost pattern for aging up, but a particularly expensive kind of “super age up” followed by a 12 minute timer (with 8 for Sacred Sites victory):

  • 8000 Food;
  • 6000 Gold;
  • 4000 Wood;
  • 2000 Stone;

With this we have:

  • Not only a third victory option, but actually see the Wonders in game;
  • Better use of the late-game excess Food, instead of trash unit spamming;
  • Stone cost balancing;
  • Avoid very long, stale and aimless games, remember this is a post-imperial strategy;
  • Wonder vs Sacred Site victory runs;
  • Retain the conceptual role of Food and Gold symbolizing the abundance and diversity of resources that allow the enhancement of a civilization.

Adjustments could be made for more players, but i think this could work if properly countered.

Imagine how big army you can get with this amount of resources. Just build an army and smash your opponent. We will never see a wonder in 1v1 on a reasonably high level.

If you are able to save that amount of resources and survive your enemy is probably afk.

There are civ wonders in the game but they need resources. I wish a system that a point system which is increasing with battles and when it fills we can able to build wonders.

Wonders should not give victory but bonuses based on civ, I think that will be fun

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Well there are other suggestions, i just don’t think we should give up on Wonders.

they had to change the cost according to the number of players, 1v1 3 thousand, they haven’t done it yet

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I don’t think the landmarks need to be adjusted. They’re fine now. You can often encounter spectacular victories in the Team Game. Although not often seen in high-level matches, it is a powerful tiebreaker.

If you want a good use of wonders you need to go back to Rise of nations, there Wonders will give you bonuses, a player that invested Ia expensive wonder should be rewarded, anyways there are already other mechanics to win by time with the victory points (sacret sites )