Making Age of Empires a 21th century RTS

Hey people!

I believe that some aspects of the original Age of Empires aren’t attractive anymore even for the fan base of the game, let alone fans of SC 2, W 40k and other popular RTS franchises. So, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts about how the development team of AOE: DE could make the game more attractive for the next generations of players, and better for the old ones.

Campaign improvements

Full voice acting - some audio commentary after completing a objective, discovering a important place on the map or losing a hero unit. The idea here is to make playing the campaigns a more unique experience, and improve the storytelling aspect of them.
Imagine “Well done, warriors of Carthago! The filthy Romans will not dare threaten our people again!” being epically acclaimed at some moment on the First Punic War campaign!

Optional objectives - could be killing a target, building a tower above a hill, bringing an artifact to the designated place, and receive rewards, like units or resources. Most of the campaign maps have lots of blank space, ready for these adds.

Visual improvements

New environment elements - In AOE II we have statues, carts, tapestry, ruins and fallen leaves to decorate the map.

Unique wonders for each civ - sumerians building Egyptian-like pyramids, that’s weird. Recent discussion about it here:

Gameplay improvements

Defensive stance as default - If I want my units to persecute an specific enemy unit, I click on it, right? I always thought to be really annoying have my units behaving like psychotic killers.

“Don’t attack” instance for catapults - Well, you know what I mean lol

Formations at the gather point of units - In WC III, units don’t move in formation, but they organize themselves on a basic square-like formation when they reach a designated point. This proved to be useful, because it helps to keep the units together when they move again.

Please, share your opinions about these topics below!