Making maps more dynamic

I have an idea for aoe 4: dynamic map events. One of the smart things AOE does as an RTS is give you a scout, encouraging you to scout the map, it then rewards you for doing so (sheep). What if the game offered continued rewards for scouting or playing the map.

Idea: sheep / Shepard appear on the map - a Shepard for each player with 5 sheep (or just more sheep appear on the map (Shepards could start moving to the TC) - rewards players for playing the map and gaining map control

Deer Migration: a herd of deer (2-4 herds) appear on the map and move to other end of the map and leave the map if not killed - running low on food in the new few minutes - go get it.

Relics: 3 relics spawn at the start of the map and 3 more relics spawn in a later time (could be all together or one at a time) - gives a player who might have gotten to castle a little slower a chance to capture some relics and catch up.

the idea is simple, reward the player for constant scouting / playing the map, force them to adjust there strategy to account for a evolving map


Is an exciting idea but not viable for competitive. I see this more as a mod.

In competitive you can’t leave anything to random.

What I would like also to be added is dynamic weather. Night/day cycles and raining/snow for example.

I usually play with a friend and in ocassions we have had fights so so epic, fight under the moon or under the rain would be epic x10.

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the location of relics and sheep is already random, having the last 3 relics spawn at say 10-12-15 minutes respectively isn’t more random then we already get, what I meant by the range is really that it would need balance testing.

I would not say that sheep or deers spawn is totally random. Yes, it has some randomness but I think with limits.

Eg. You will always get a few sheeps around your base, and a deers around, and the other sheeps or deers will spawn around the map, but not totally random.

In some maps like king of the hill it’s known that sheeps spawn a lot in the center of the map, and in other maps they tend to spawn a lot near rivers or near sacred sites.

About relics spawn, yes, that could fit, but I think actual relic’s system spawn is fine as it is.

It can advantage more if those relics spawn near my buildings or in half map. Better all relics is there from begging so anyone can make a strat to take control or deny to enemy.

But for a new mod is super fine!

It’s a shame how so many fun ideas get ruined by “it’s not balanced for competitive”. I’m not saying people who say that are wrong, just that sometimes I wish there was a bigger casual community in aoe4. Maybe that will happen when mod editor is improved or when a more casual content creator joins the scene (currently they are all pro players or casters, except for Age of Noob I guess)

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This is just wishful thinking, if they indeed implement dynamic weather system I want it to also affect the terrain as well. So if it rains, the grassy terrain would be muddy and slow down cavalry charges; if it’s on snowy weather the water freezes over so units can cross lakes etc.


Problem with those ideas is that in some moment after the implementation, is that someone will come here to cry about a game where all the relics spawned near enemy buildings. Better let it random from the start, so if you have not gained the map control to get those relics it is your fault.

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