Making the game more 'friend friendly' or 'clan friendly'

I come from Voobly, where playing as a clan or a group of friends is effortlessly easy & streamlined. You can see who is online, what game they are in, how long they have been playing for & spec that game if easily enabled.

This encourages people to play together…and people who play together are more likely to stay around!

AGE2:DE seems to be the opposite, my clan of a few dozen are forced to rely on whatsapp to try and find out who is around & who is playing (though if playing they dont respond on whatsapp)…even once we are all online it is really hard work to set up group games, invite people and stay in contact with who is online/offline as people log on or get disconnected whilst waiting. If the host steps away for a drink…others can’t invite people to make it easier to find games.

This has meant the last couple of weeks of trying to get people to transition has been a nightmare & looks doomed to failure ‘because voobly is just so much easier keeping everyone together.’’

Why is this? What am I missing?

Why is it I can’t see who is in game, who is afk & who is available from the clan browser/friendship list?

Why can’t I ‘jump to game’ if people are playing & spec is enabled?

Why can’t anyone in a lobby be able to invite anyone from their friends list?

Why can’t I see all the games my clan are playing in & enable me to judge whether I play on my own, or wait for someone to finish & play with them.

Little things that (in my opinion) would make it much easier for groups to grow & play together…ultimately sticking together.

For now we all seem to be stuck going back to voobly for the ease-of-community :frowning: :frowning:


If you own the game on Steam, you can use Steam’s friend list which also allows you to set categories (so you can create “AoE2” category or “XYclan” category) and easily invite them to game.

If you own the on MS store, you are sadly kinda screwed as AoE2’s social features aren’t the best as you have noticed

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Completely agree with your suggestions. We are missing a lot of features of the social part of the game.

Mean while discords are getting popular, which maybe even wont exist when Voobly was released. So you might think features like that take over the Voobly clan pages.

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