Making the Prelate inspire all units around it when it dies may make HRE more interesting

Currently the inspired warrior tech of HRE is quite underutilized due to the prelate prioritizing healing over inspiring.

The HRE army is rarely inspired when going into battle unless it’s in a defensive position with full health, while the Rus Saint’s Blessings ability is actually utilized frequently due to the triggering mechanism being the warrior monks attacking an enemy.

I think if it’s intended that late game HRE army fighting in inspired state, adding an ability called “martyr” to the prelate, making it inspire all units around it when it dies will make games with HRE more dynamic and interesting.

First, it encourages the HRE players to send the prelates charging together with the army, and there’s a trade off between having your prelate back healing or sacrifice the 100 gold in exchange for your army being temporarily stronger.

Second, it encourages the players playing against HRE to try sniping the prelates when they’re away from the main army and gives the HRE players more incentives to protect and micro the prelates.

If this will make the late game HRE army overpowered, the radius of the martyr inspiration can be adjusted or make it a separate tech to be researched.

This is my idea of making the HRE more unique and fun to play and play against. I’d like to know your opinions on this.


Fantastic ideas, would love to see more interesting features appear in game!
It should be an expensive tech though, oh, unique tech only available in Burgrave Palace! That would really make players think’ before choosing RegnCathedral!
say it gives monks healing while moving and Martyr, changing them into Awesome unique infantry medics

This is a great idea.

While I do agree that the HRE castle age landmark choice is too much of a no brainier, I want the martyr mechanic to be a core part of HRE gameplay and not locked behind certain landmark.

I think burgrave palace should be changed to house some unique tech that improves HRE infantry like the Delhi house of learning, such as increasing the hp and armor of the landsknecht, and make the prelate move faster and have some armor.

The age IV keep landmark could also be made more interesting by inspiring all the military units around it so HRE army on defense would really have an edge when defending the landmark (basically a keep that also function as the Aachen chapel and doesn’t require a prelate garrisoned).

On top of that I think prelates should be able to inspire military units from the beginning of the game but only provides armor bonus, and the inspired warrior tech just add damage bonus on top of that.

I think the age 4 keep landmark is extremely overpowered as it is, not only being a super powered castle with insane post tech hit points and armor, it also buff’s all nearby castles, making it the most powerful defensive landmark in the game by far. On choke point maps it makes HRE late game viable vs China and other late game power players.

Yeah, I was thinking it would be weird to have the martyr tech in an infantry building, but would still like to see HRE with buffed field medics.
What about a more expensive prelate, called a cardinal, that comes with the martyr passive.

Interesting proposal, but for now, please add a switch to the bishop to switch between motivation and healing

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I thought nobody went for the age IV keep landmark since the palace of swabia is just so much better. I would prefer to have the building health influence removed and have the inspiration effect instead since I think it would make it both viable as a defensive and offensive tool (a forward keep that inspires your army), making the HRE strategy more varied and interesting.

It would be interesting to have the prelate only being able to inspire villagers and have another military-oriented religious unit that came with inspired warrior and martyr built in, but it would greatly reduce the versatility of the prelate.

I got another idea regarding tweaking the HRE economy. Nerf the regnitz cathedral to only have 100% additional gold, but allow the prelate to buff traders to increase their speed greatly, similar to the mongol yam network, so the player can place prelates along the trade route to boost gold income instead of relying too much on the cathedral for gold. This also allows the players that choose the burgrave palace (the revised one with military improvement techs) to have another way to increase late game gold income.


Making the prelate always prioritize inspiring and do the healing when inspiration is in cooldown would be a much simpler solution IMO.


That’s when someone will say why bishops prioritize inspiration over therapy, they need therapy, your point of view doesn’t satisfy everyone,Some people think treatment is more important,XD

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That would be cool, pay food to upgrade prelate into Cardinal/bishop

There’s actually quite a bit of time between inspirations so the prelates should have more than half of their healing capacity when doing the healing between inspirations.

On top of that, I thought auto inspiration can be turned off right now (or auto healing)? If you want the full healing capacity you can just turn off the auto inspiration.

Its too expensive to throw away a prelate just for an inspire, HRE needs some love, just make them inspire whilst healing.

When the army size is large enough and if the martyr inspiration have a generous radius, a dying prelate could give more than 20 units 1 range and melee armor plus 15% more attack, and the actual DPS increase will be more than 15% due to armor damage reduction calculation. That could turn the tide of a battle in late game. I don’t think 100 gold is expensive for that.

In early game it’s surely not worth it, but that’s what makes this mechanic interesting, it makes the player think about whether it’s worth it in the particular situation, instead of throwing a prelate at enemy every time a fight happens.

Its already a clunky mechanic, they should just heal out of combat, but in an AOE and Inspire in an AOE in combat, if its too strong, aoe values can be easily adjusted.