Malay need Bloodlines and / or Champions

I agree that the tone of the forum has become too dismissive to people with proposals.
And I also agree that there are some people which seem to like hating proposers. And turn everything in personal conflicts.

Most proposals are bad, 99 % of all ideas a bad.

Shall we stop having ideas and being creative only because it’s usually bad? Is it better to don’t even try?

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i wonder why people are so dismissive of propossals?

oh right there. that’s the answer.

if you don’t like your idea getting shot down thats not on the people who point out bad ideas for being bad ideas.
i’ve had plenty of my ideas shot down.

And another sensitive soul to the block list :slight_smile:

Regarding Kipchaks that’s not what I said, but okay :slight_smile:
Post-truth era.

Malay feel off to me.
I don’t know how to put it. Using their faster aging bonus is hard on normal maps (open maps), I find it harder than the chinese start personally, no wonder it seems a pro civ, even more than chinese.
I also like their elephants, but damn they’re terribly slow, cheap but all their army seems to move in slow motion. THS, arb, elephants, all slower than unupgraded halb. Not sure if there’s something missing in the civ, but I feel a slug when I use it.

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hardly a sensitive soul.

your words.

not mine.

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Totally agree. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a bonus because you never have enough resources to get everything you need when you hit the next age.

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But you’re blocking him, he’s not blocking you. So doesn’t that make you the sensitive one? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah I also don’t get this whole ignore stuff.
But it is very interesting to see that those people who are usually the first in provoking and attacking people are also the first that then begin whining and puplicly report when they put somebody “on their list”.
I wonder who has the stronger nerves, me or these kind of people :wink:

And tbh i have no idea why I would ever use this “function”. I couldn’t imagine a single thing why to use it. I also never report somebody when he attacks me here personally, because I think it tells more about him than me. I mean this is a public forum, it’s absolutely unpersonal. Yet some people act as if creative ideas would threaten the lives of their imaginary children…

Oh I never bother replying to other comments, he’s replying to every single comment I make, my notifications are’nt meant to deal with this level of obsession :sunglasses:

People aren’t obsessed with you. The world doesn’t revolve around any one person. It’s just your comments are consistently really toxic and frustrating to read, and then you act like you are a saint, and it is everyone else’s fault. I also know you probably won’t even read this, because oh no, you added me to your ignored list :scream:. Honestly, some people :roll_eyes:.