Malay Second UU Concept - Djong

Since the Malay excel on water, why not the Malay have a unique warship of their own?

Djong - Secondary unique warship of the Malay which replaces the Galleon upgrade in the dock. Fires one additional bolt, similar to Khmer ballista elephant and scorpions with Double Xbow.

Base HP: 175 (up from Galleon)
Base attack: 9
Base range: 7
Base armor: 1/9

I like the idea of a unique Malay warship, but how would this distinguish itself from a normal Galleon? The Roman Legionary at least has some bonus damage to make it unique, but most of the stats for this ship are the same as the Galleon. What’s special about it?

How’s this? One additional projectile like Mayan skirms and Khmer scorpions/ballista elephants?

It’s not like the Thirisadai though, that fires several shots in one attack

I mean, that works. It’s pretty unique. Also quite strong, which is good, because the upgrade needs to be worthwhile.

Why not allow them to transport a small number of infantry/archers like a transport. Maybe 5 units max.