Mali fast castle maybe too safe?

So here’s the idea behind the mali fast castle.

  1. Secure your pit mine
  2. Build your tower landmark in a way that it protects yoy from lb harassment (thereby protects you from any other pre ram harassment)
  3. Make a mill for wheelbarrow and cows as needed
  4. Build famibra garrison and pump units out from the safety of your home and never have leave your base until that forst gold mine runs dry.

You’ll at most need 325 wood by the 8min mark to get this BO working and you can collected 450w safetly from your 3 straggler trees.

Also if you properly place your landmark tower it will also protect your mine from mongol drush on your gold…

With the recent buffs to mali i think we’re gonna see FC into trade become meta if it’s not already meta!!

Again it’s super hard to punish this build bc nobody can hit either hard enough and or soon enough, nor can the usual FC civ beat mali fast castle (hre will ### ##### and english auto loses if they skip feudal aggression vs this). Maybe mongol fast castle might hold up?

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Yes it seems super strong and now cows will only cost 75 gold in the next patch. Farimba garrison is insanely good considering you get discounted units for gold you have lots of and can build any infantry out of it, making unit countering much easier. It’s a better Burgrave in most respects - other than the quick research times Burgrave has.

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