Mali javelin thrower and donso combo

Premature griping I’m supposing but… the concept of these 2 units in tandem sound extremely efficient!!!

Any time in any game you get 2 units that can attack at range that compliment each other you run into an issue of extreme efficiency at mass fights especially vs some melee composition. And they didnt state this explicitly but if javelin throwers and donsos are both unlocked in age 2… no other age 2 composition will beat it cost for cost especially given they are saying mali will have sufficient gold to get techs faster than everyone else!!!

Current king of feudal is french (chivalry knights plus archers). But donso counter cav and are melee and range?? Will donso range attack keep their bonus vs cav? If so, raiding will be snuffed!! Javelin throwers directly counter archers with more range and bonus so archers of similar mass cant dictate engagements?!!! It all depends on the bonus and speed of these units, but i fear the worse that you’ll have these javelin throwers forcing enemy archers into engagements and dongos NOT suffering from current meta “kite/body_block the spearman until archers mow it down”‽‽

Scenario Assumptions:
assuming donso keep their melee bonus damage vs calvary when chucking spears and it remains a melee attack. Also assuming a 2.5 to 3.0? Range attack and assuming donsos can still brace. Next assuming javelin throwers have 6 range!! AND 1.25 movement speed (probably would be better balanced at 1.12…)

French knights charge in to force the dongo to brace, french knights cancel the charge at the last moment and hoping to have the donsos exposed to archer fire while the knights retreat, however… the donso shoots bonus damage spears at the retreating knights meanwhile the javelin throwers chunk spears at the exposed archers… so while the knights still dictate said open engagements, mass for mass (assuming the mali units have sufficient speed), knights archers CANNOT beat donso/javelin throwers. And if knights archers can’t win…then horsemen archers will surely lose. Which suggests to me longbow/maa will be the only true counter IFF javelin throwers do NOT counter heavy units AND longbow can shoot and scoot.