Malian Mastery: Healing Around

I have been trying to complete this mission for a few days. I tried with boars and with AI. I tried base musofadi warriors and upgraded ones. I tried the stealth ability and the stealth fortress for healing, but none seems to be working.

Has anyone completed this mastery mission? I would be nice if you could give the specific conditions on how you accomplished it. Thanks in advance.

Okay I got the mastery. In another forum someone suggested the bug for healing around is the amount of healing and this turned out to be correct. You need to heal 1000+ health within a single match. The particulars of my match was;

-No victory conditions, no enemy ai, max resources, start age 3, revealed map (dry arabia).
-Built huntress fort landmark, fully upgraded musofadi warriors to elite.
-Produced 24 musofadi warriors after researching local knowledge.
-Used boar to deal ~100 damage to each unit.
-Activated stealth once for heal, then moved units to the landmark to heal the rest.


Source : TA

In one of the Malian mastery challenges you’re asked to heal for 500 health using stealth after researching local knowledge. I spent way too many attempts on this one and I can confirm it’s glitched in at least two ways.

Positively, despite what is written you do not have to use stealth ability at all. Build Fort of the Huntress instead.

Negatively, 500 hp is incorrect. I unlocked it eventually by getting 12 musofadis without any upgrade and sent them against a boar (no AI). Let the boar get them to 25 hp and run away (it should get one more hit so your musofadis are left with 10 hp). Send them towards the fort, heal up and repeat one more time. You should heal them for 1680 hp this way.

My theory is that it either requires to heal 500 times or heal 1000 hp. Either way 500 hp is incorrect so please overkill it.

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Malians spear tip How to finish? I’ve been trying to complete it for a few days now, researching precision finishing tech, then killing 20 cavalry, and the mission is still incomplete.

Thank you for the help with this! Life saver, the mastery description is quite wrong.

I used the Intermediate AI the deal damage to my units before running them back to the Fort. The Boars were tedious and I ended up killing both of them while trying that 11