Malian Poison Arrows Do Not Stack Properly

Malian poison arrows are supposed to stack with every archer firing at a unit. Each poisoned arrow deals +3 bonus damage, per hit, over time to the targeted unit, ignoring their armor. 5 archers therefore deal +15 bonus damage over time, and 10 archers should theoretically deal +30 bonus damage over time to a targeted unit. 20 archers should deal +60 bonus damage, per hit, over time to a targeted unit and so on. However, there is a bug that caps the stacking mechanic to 8 times the basic amount. Therefore, if you have 8 archers you can reach +24 bonus damage and no more. Even if you have 30 archers target a unit, they will only deal +24 bonus damage per hit- instead of the +90 bonus damage that should be the case. This is a gigantic difference and undoubtedly contributes to the low win rates Mali is currently experiencing in ranked multiplayer. It would be wonderful if players could get some sort of timeframe as to when this bug should be fixed, as it effects a fundamental mechanic to the Malian civilization (they lack crossbows to otherwise deal range damage to armored units) and cripples them in competitive gameplay.


This is big if true, I always felt like it was a bit weak, but never investigated

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Thank you for reporting @HippyMilitia! There is currently a bug that prevents all buff icons from displaying in the UI, so this could be that—but either way, the team will investigate. Much appreciated!