Malian trade is breaking team games right now

Malian trade is way too strong with how you can pick up from the neutral market and immediately walk past your 5 toll outposts within about 20seconds and get the tax back right away. You get about 400 resource return from your trade within like 20 seconds and then obvs the gold from it dropping off at its destination.

These are all players that are decent as well there isn’t a huge disparity between teams.

They are age4, pop capped, largest army (by far) roughly 15-16min into the game. Essentially unlimited recourses ANNNND this while they are feeding everyone on their team gold and providing their team unlimited food under their TC via cows.

I simply suggest not letting the whole, make the trader beside neutral trade post p/u then walk 1 way to drop off for the first time.
Not getting the tax gold/food until the gold is dropped off.

Edit* the only reason yellow is even close in score is because they were China and did a boom/imperial rush


its worse than this, you dont even need to complete the route, as soon as you get the 5 tolls, you return to market and send again , or you simply turn around as soon as you get the FIRST toll…

agree this market abuse of collecting gold without actually doing the first leg, is the biggest issue. that definitely needs to change, unless toll changes, but i cant see how to change toll, so iaw change the “skip first leg”, its also the more irrational part


I knew there was a hole in the mechanics of the Malo that was untapped, now it’s more obvious and it’s going to become popular. I remember when many said it was the worst civ, now it’s not so bad, right? Muajaajajajaa.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that there is a “New challenge” in the “Art of War” for the Mali and Ottomans?
Personally, It made me rethink how bad I’m using the musofadi… the joke of using them is to attack and return to base, then let them heal, attack and run, let them heal and so on, because they seem to have the technology to heal each time they use stealth, which allows you to save money and amass more of them over time.

Yeah they are very cool actually.

They should add one for every civ.

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Getting gold in the first leg isn’t an issue with any other civs. Toll outpost is the issue in particular here, so I think devs should focus on fixing just that.

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The strategy is that one person goes Mali and another goes HRE into Burgrave. The Mali person builds their toll outpost and markets by the neutral market and does the instant toll collection.

The Mali person sends resources over to the HRE person and spams men at arms. Mali also builds Farimba Garnison and spams gold units from trade.