Malians can repair a Town Center using less wood than other civs

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • Build: 40220
  • Platform: Steam & Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10
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:arrow_forward: ISSUE

The Malian civ bonus is being applied to the repair cost of their town centers which is inconsistent with typical behavior.

Ordinarily, it costs the same amount of wood for all civs to repair a town center from 1 HP to 2400 HP for all civs in all ages. Even Britons, with the discounted 50% wood cost on town centers in the castle age, have to spend the same 550 wood to repair their town centers. Discounts should not apply apply to the repair cost of town centers is what is understood as correct repair behavior.

Malians can repair a town center from 1 HP to 2400 HP with the lowered 15% wood discount on buildings that Malians have as a civ bonus in all ages.

If Malians can repair a town center at the discounted price, then Britons should also be able to repair a town center at the discounted price starting in the castle age if repair costs for town centers are being consistently applied the same way to all civs.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Get a town center damaged to 1HP remaining.
  2. Repair the town center to Full 2400 HP.
  3. Note the wood subtracted from the resource pile.

:arrow_forward: IMAGE & ATTACHMENTS

I made a scenario with 275 starting wood and 1 stone and a town center damaged to 1 HP.

With Aztecs in the dark age, there is 137 wood remaining after fully repairing the town center. This is the normal behavior that applies to (almost) all civs. 275-137= 138 wood cost due to in-game rounding.

With Britons in the castle age, there is also 137 wood remaining. This behavior is also correct, since town centers do not have discounts applied when being repaired. Not shown but Britons in other ages also have 137 wood remaining.

With Malians (in dark age or any other age), there is 158 wood remaining.

I’m not sure why in my created scenario the town center doesn’t cost 550 wood to repair, but I’ve also tested this in a normal game and also confirmed that Malians are able to repair their town center for less than other civs.

Just to further highlight the inconsistency, the verbiage in the tech tree is:
Britons: Town Centers cost -50% wood in Castle Age
Malians: Buildings cost -15% wood

Notably, Bulgarians and Incas have bonuses affecting the stone cost of town centers. However, town centers only cost wood to repair, so those bonuses do not come into play in this particular bug.

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I dont agree with the logic “if one civ can do it the other should be able to do it aswell”.
Bonusses always have to be adjusted according to the civs.

Malians repairing buildings with 15% less wood is fine. Britons repairing with 50% less wood would be completely broken and way to cheap for a building thats often heavily pushed with mangonels etc in castle age.

Overall its not a bug, its intended to be just like as you described it and its very well balanced exactly how it is.

It’s not about balanced or not, and I’m not arguing about whether or not it is balanced. It’s about the rule we’ve had since the game was released that discounts do not apply to the repair cost of town centers. A game mechanic not being invoked when it should be is a bug.

Discounts do apply to the repair cost of all other buildings (Frank castles for example), ships, and siege weapons and I am not complaining about that.

I disagree, I feel with such a big discount that the Britons should be able to repair for at least 10% cheaper than generic civs.

And only in Castle Age means it’ll take more time anyway, so it doesn’t seem ‘broken’ even to repair for 50% less wood (wood is hella cheap anyway in Castle Age and over, so it gives no advantage).

So what is your attention now, to me it felt like you were critizicing the Briton wood bonus that they cant reapair cheaper.

Your real point is to remove cheaper repairs for Malians?

Ehhh wtf, have you ever seen people pushing TCs in castle age?
Reparing a TC with multiple vills costs a shiit ton of wood and is super expensive.
The wood runs out super fast so you cant repair anymore, its a very critical ressource and repairing for half of the price would be completely insane.

Anyway you are really mixing things up now, Britons are very well balanced and dont need an extra repair discount as you say. Their cheaper TC bonus is already enough. Always keep in mind the overall civ balancing.