Malians Farimba garrison fast castle to strong?

I open this thread to discuss about this strategy that has become very popular. I honestly believe that it is very powerful and that they should balance it, it is almost impossible to stop such an amount of army that just putting villagers in gold is already more than enough. Not only do I say this from personal experience in games, but also from watching games with the professionals.

I don’t know what you think, I would like to read your comments or analysis on this, because I know that there must already be people who already have statistics on this subject.


I agree that it is very strong and maybe too? But the counter play is early harassment and or timed pre 8min push on their main gold mine.

Their javelin thrower batch cost 480g per 33s and their warriors cost 320g per 22.5s? You need 7+ houses around a pit plus 20 unupgraded villagers to constantly field the javelin throwers.

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its new, the knee jerk reaction is always new = OP

give it some time and see what people settle in to, maybe it is over tuned, but its too early for these knee jerk reactions

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