Malians Rework- good early game but worst late game

bro malians are seems to rise at the moment just do the tarde landmark and build walls to defend it and with traders you dont even need to gather food anymore :smiley:

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Malians are fine, I’m actually stopped playijg them now that the fast castle thing has become standard play…its a bit too strong? I dont feel it’s a huge challenge. Put it like this, mali can fast castle FASTER and SAFER than HRE… and check the win rates with mali vs HRE… mali just does the fast castle thing better and is a huge counter to everything HRE (and french fir that matter).

I still hope for my siggested changes but I’m okay if it gets a back seat to other changes like DELHI!!!

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Make a balanced civilization, not extreme advantages

And I hope they fix the bug in the markets because of the false winrate it has now



There are 4 civilizations that have the worst winrate in the long run, so I don’t see Mali as bad either.

that’s what happens when they start debating things without leaving enough time to test them. People are still adapting to the latest patch with the new civilizations

I insist that it is too early to draw conclusions yet, 3 weeks ago there were people saying that Mali was trash and now people are saying that this OP has barely changed to justify this drastic change of opinion.

You have to give time to the meta