Malians stealth going to kill low ELO games?

As a low ELO player I have some concerns about stealth for the Malians:

See this clip"

Playing Malians FOR THE FIRST TIME! - YouTube [beastyqt]

“This is going to be the most broken thing in low ranks because people are not going to know how to use scouts or towers effectively.”

Should we consider removing it for those of use who enjoy the multiplayer aspects of AoE4 but can’t play it in competition?

Yes big time.
We don’t need stealth bullshit in historical RTS game.


It seems pretty weak. It’s revealed by towers and scouts and even when those aren’t present the units are revealed when they get close to enemy units, before they’ve even attacked.

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Because someone in low ELO knows how to utilise stealth well?
Mali is likely not going to be an easy civilisation to play for those.

I was worried about how this new stealth mechanic would work when they first announced it, but after seeing how it plays out in the test build I’m not that worried anymore. Seems to be quite easy to counter them and also they automatically get revealed close to the opponent’s units which defeats the whole purpose to be sneaky.

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