Malians unit cap is bugged or broken


Malians unit cap should be 200 like all other civs… not 375 units.

Please fix it devs.

Thank you and best wishes for the next year!

the malians have a cap limit of 200 yes, in case you are looking at the total count of units that must be counting up to the created cows, the same happens with the mongolian that all dismantled structures take up space and at the end of the match they show a relatively higher number, no problem with the game, it’s just the count

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siege units count as 2 units for some reason

interesting, maybe it’s measuring their width for some reason? siege are 2 units wide.

The post-game screen is inaccurate in so many ways, the timeline and stats can’t be relied on.

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Thanks, all! The team will look into this.

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