Malta is the only civilization that does not use team cards in team games

I have played a lot of team malt, I have also seen very tall players playing team malt, they do not have any, they have 3 team cards at age 1, of which 2 are from Sea that are basic and nobody would use unless it is a combat full naval, which would only occur in non-competitive maps, The other card is very situational, At age 2 and 3 they don’t have any team cards, I think that’s the problem, at Age 4 I have basic cards that other civis share that they don’t use it either, they only have 1 of their own, which isn’t really bad, but it is very risky to replace it with another,

I think at least one of the two cards in age 2 that increase the resistance or damage of the archaic infantry should be in equipment keeping the percentage, if it is possible to change the Tag for foot archers, in order to improve the other units that use Bows, not only crossbows

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A hospitaller in age 1 for all allies is good, as is giving allies and yourself a fixed gun.
But also they build hospitals and gunpowder depots those are good for the whole team.

Germans also generally avoid team cards so they can get uhlans.

Hausa also doesn’t really do so either. Except one single card that could be used, all their team cards are kinda trash