Maltese church model?

In the campaign the church model for Malta was deliberately set to the British one, apparently in an attempt to match the Maltese churches a little more closely. In the official release (thanks for that by the way) we got the Spanish ones, which don’t really look like the ones in Valletta? The metallic spires especially of the Industrial age model don’t quite fit the bill. Don’t know if anybody else has better ideas, or just swap back to the British one for memes


The Knights of St. John using a British church wasn’t a deliberate choice. The game defaults to the first appearance defined in a model file when the current civ doesn’t have a specific appearance defined.

In the case of the church the first appearance is the British one, and since there is no specific appearance defined for the Knights of St. John civ, the game defaults to the British one in Act 1 of the campaign.

But yes, they should give the Maltese a unique church model. :V


I saw on the wiki that the church in the Maltese home city reuses the one from the Portuguese home city

Also, I kinda wish they replaced some of the campaign/historical battle civs with their skirmish equivalents, but if they were willing to do that they would have done so ages ago.

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Which is altogether very interesting, considering that AoE2 retroactively replaced the civs in even the classic campaign scenarios with their appropriate substitutes once those civilizations became revealed, such as the Burgundians for Burgundy in the Joan of Arc campaign.

But yes, Malta has beautiful churches. Although the Maltese were under Spanish cultural and political influence, I think it was a rather lazy choice to just give them the Spanish church, when they could have a church which reflects themselves. The choice of churches reinforces some other early impressions I overall had about this DLC.


I would love it if they replaced the campaign civs with their skirmish variants, or at least rework them to better work like their skirmish variants. Especially the Americans and the Mexicans.


The Chinese campaign doesn’t use the playable Aztecs, which I guess was understandable back when TAD was released since they couldn’t expect everyone to have both TAD and TWC back then, but with all the DE changes I’m weirded that they didn’t at least remove the pet jaguars.

And the capybaras. I don’t think there ever were capybaras north of Colombia.

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Don’t forget the fact that in Act III Steel and Act II Shadow the US Army uses Redcoats and Pikemen, and the Mexicans use Crossbowmen, Pikemen, Rodeleros, and Lancers. xD

Not to mention all the various countries that get represented by the Spanish (including Spain) also using Crossbowmen, Pikemen, Rodeleros, and Lancers in those two acts, despite being the 19th century.


Huh well thank you for educating me Soulless, of it being an oversight rather than by design. Would be nice to see some uniqueness on the church as everyone else has a unique one :slight_smile: And then apply it for both Malta and Knights of St. John.

Cheers devs, and while you’re at it could you make the old style massive screen splashes an option in settings that would be great. :wink:


I so agree that there’s should be a unique Church model for the Maltese and when that gets made, I can imagine both, the Maltese and the Knights of St. John having that model which would be good.