Man the cheese meta sucks

Every game vs mongols, delhi, and rus are nothing but cheese.
This stone wall tower meta, mongols units and tower rush, rus constant pressure, English longbow all-in
Tbh every game consist of some type of cheese because every civ now has a cheese build.
And the skill required to do it is extremely low. I mean I tried it and gosh I felt bad it was so strong the people I played just couldn’t even do anything.

Also water maps are still french vs french only, all I see in 1000(rank not mmr)+ QM.

Are they planning on fixing this boring meta?
This is actually worse than sc2, you could defend with micro in sc2. What do you do vs stone towers? I have to rush siege? Tried that 100 times. Trebs shoot sooooo slow you can mass repair a building even if you have 3 trebs lol.

All-in-all I couldn’t believe a game was less balanced than sc2 was but david kim did a damn good job compared to this.

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Yeah they need to address this asap. I want to play the game because at its core it’s very fun but it’s extremely stale and boring playing against the same OP mongol tower rush every game. Even if you defend against it you’ll still be behind while the mongol player is barely affected cause of the cheap af double units. Rus horse archers are busted as well but I don’t hate them as much cause it’s not as obnoxious as mongol tower rush.

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That cheeses can exist is very good for any strategy game. Not everything is based on macro or timing attack.

Another different thing is that cheesearing is louder than it should be even having seen it coming (like the Mongolian tower rush). In that case, balancing measures would have to be taken.

Against the Stone Tower Rush, if you do not have time to defend yourself against its construction, you must move the economy and look for the rams fast. The scan can help you know if he is going to do it to you before he does.

This game is so imbalance with faction maps,op seige they need to balance who knows how long they do anything not happy with this game at all till I see some heavy nerfs and I balanced fixed.

@Crispy200 We know you hate siege at this point, but this post is entirely arguing the opposite: starts that use “cheese” to bypass the need for aging up and going siege.

I get that you don’t like seige, but that has nothing to do with this thread.