Maned siege units, stealable horses from fallen knigth and civiliand actualy briging resourcess to build building step by step

I realy go hight hope for civ 4.

Looked at the trailler and seen the villager actualy building step by step each house. Its make the game feal alive, insted of seing the old age of empire 2 villager hiting the ground.

Will there be a cart that carry resiurces to the working site, or the villager carry 1 resource at the time, from the depot to the work place? Could we stole the cart of resourcess from the enemy?

Also, I hope to see cavalerie charge and see the knigth fall from horse, get back up and draw his sword to keep up the figth. The horse could die or stolen by a enemy unit . :wink:

I hope seing capturable wall when all enemy die on it or literaly recycle them whit our own villager.

I hope the siege get units and be able to steal the siege units whit our own crew.

I hope being able to build brige and destroy them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Had up what you would like to see down here and hope a developper get a look to it


What you are asking is a city builder like Caesar 3 or Settlers or Anno


Note quite, but only moder mecanic for a modern game.

Or we will just name age of empier 2 remake, insted of age of empire 4, since the only thing of new would be the 3d upgrade of age of empire 2.

Any way, i am only wishing that the game would be more alive, insted of only having one same play. (Heavy knigth, trebuchet, castle…)

Would be fun being able to set our siege weapons on wall and towers, to be able to snipe out enemy siege units and force enemy to build something else.

What would you like to see in age of empire 4?

Yes, I wad reffering only to the economy details you mentioned with builders bringing all the materials, like a detailed production chain. That is too much for AoE.

This I kind of agree with. But not all siege will be able to fit onto the walls. As you saw in the trailer the trebuchets and other siege units are huge.

its more than just a graphics update if that’s what you’re saying.

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A resource cart will just give away your strategies.

Don’t worry, i did not hope for a detailed chaine of production.

I was hopping of seing the villager go back and foward frome the depot to the construction site, hadding a part of the building, insted of being idle hand hamering the land.

A travelling cart could carry more resources and be a movable deport whit limited resource that is able to carry. No need to specify the resource, it replace only the wait time for the building to be build.

It is faster to build a building when the resourcess are at hand insted of being in depot

Like this, if you build far away, the more time it take your villager to bring the resouces to the construction site.

Like i said, if you need 100 resourcess to build a building and 1 wagon carry 25 resourcess. You actually only need 4 wagon whit 1 villager to go in a hiden place and build you strategie there, whit almost no waithing time, since wagon act like a limited resource depot, that can be refilled at a close depot ( town center)

Or you could not build wagon and let your villager go between depot and build site, wasting time and risking being spoted by enemy scouts, but saving precious resources that was wasted on wagon.

It would be fun to see the knigth walk over the swordmen, when they charge them, pass beyond the haf death swordmen, only to let the knigth regroup and give a satifaction last blow, in a second charge.

but also, we need to see the horse die under the knigt or see the knight fall from the horse, when the knigth charge a pickmen that hold position, forcing the knigth to become swodmen or a slow armored swordmen. In a foot figth.

There are some really good games I can recommend if you want all those features.
Play Total War, Stronghold crusader, or Anno.

They have a lof of what you want without making an entirely new game.

It’s just not feasible to completely redesign aoe.
Especially 2 months before release.

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So true my friend, so true.

Maybe i played too much the setlers 7 and stronghold 2. Loved all the resources management and castle building. Was fun

Maybe i just go play rise of nations and war selection for the moment.

I just hope the best for age of empire 4 at lunch.

Spellforce 3 needs to transport resources. game for free try Versus Edition

Ancestors Legacy Free Peasant Edition, in this game you can take over enemies siege weapons, is rather more similar from gameplay to company of heroes.

Steal horses was possible by Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs and Battle Realms ,
very old RTS games.

how about this one? you can take over enemy horses and capture enemy siege units
also has wall building

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