Mangonel, crossbow balance

Mangonel was too powerful unit so it deserved nerf but now it’s trash.
How about making it strong to ranged units giving them the properties that horsemen have(double damage to ranged units)
And now crossbows have no counterunits so this should be nerfed a little.
Lower the base damage and give heave bonus more.


Horseman counter crossbows. But i think they’re going the route you stated makimg them syrong vs range. NOB need love

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In fact, I want Mangonel to be as effective against all infantry as in AOE3, but also want melee cavalry to be as effective against siege units as in AOE3. Make siege units require higher resources and population, At the same time, it makes cavalry better to deal with siege units, so as to avoid siege units from being too powerful.

Siege is fine. Mangonels are totally useless but devs are actively looking for ways to buff them. In my opinion the best way for mangonels to come back is make them cheaper to 250W, 250G and give them 2x damage vs ranged infantry. That way we have mangonels that are a proper counter to xbow/HC blobs while still bad vs cavalry and melee infantry.

Xbows had little damage at the start and they were trash, I wouldn’t reduce further more their base damage, since they would basically become a too specialized unit.

There are other way to nerf them, like adjusting the bonus damage against the different heavy units.

Meanwhile the devs forgot that NoB are still 200 HP which means they get destroyed in 2 springald shots while Mangonels need 3 springald shots to destroy. Ontop of this NoB have less range than Mangonels and longer firing animation.

In the past the Clocktower was the only good Chinese Landmark and then it got nerfed into the ground when the devs took away supervision. Now Chinese is forced to only produce NoB from the Clocktower, otherwise NoB are useless since they are destroyed too quickly.

Remember this when the devs are buffing Mangonels again, which is going to happen without a doubt. Lets see if the devs will once again ignore buffs to Chinese or maybe they will keep up with tradition and nerf Chinese again, because thats what they have been doing for 3 patches in a row.

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To be fair the NOB rocket still track down its target IFF the target doesn’t leave the NOB’s range; but like you said b/c the shorter range it means you often have to reveal the NOB by entering the LOS of the enemy JUST so when you fire your shots will track…