Mangonels broken

Mangonels really cheap weapon and when you focus on building infantry army all of it just dying for few seconds if enemy use 3+ mangonels. I guess it broken and need really strong nerf of movement speed and durability and also increase minimum range. (Especially fun that nest of bees looks awful near of mangonel but it’s a improved mangonel of chinese).

[UPD] Or other way just add friendly fire to them and increase minimum range.


I disagree, mangonels are fine.

The problem is counter-siege sucks right now.


And i suggest to nerf movement speed and durability to counter-siege’em.


They’re already pretty weak and slow in my opinions

3 springalds will take out a mangonel, feels like a safe number to me, unlike the 5+ springalds to kill a bombard.

I think springalds just need to have their range boosted to be further than bombards, and culverins to be boosted to be further than both springalds and bombards.

That way your springalds won’t get taken out by bombards, stopping you from killing the mangonels slaughtering your troops.

And then culverins hit for crap on everything except siege, so having their range so high wouldn’t really hurt except to even out siege play, imo


It’s fun but bombard can’t oneshot mangonel…

Maybe so but two shot for sure, I don’t think any one siege should NOT be able to one shot any other siege. Bombards are already super op

Ill have to check when I’m able to play but I could’ve sworn bombards one shot mangonels b

Edit: sorry I left out the not, added above.

Except maybe culverins.

I agree that bombard OP but it means that need to nerf them DPS but also nerf HP to mangonel. (Bombard oneshots springald)

I still don’t see why they’d need to touch mangonels, bombard shouldn’t be used for anti siege anyways they’re supposed to be anti infantry/buildings

Mangonels are annoying grouped yes, but they can still be fairly easily countered by springalds and culverins, and after those two units (hopefully) get buffed up, they’ll take them out even quicker.


Have you ever play 4x4 when one of people builds only mangonels\bombards?

Yes, I play exclusive team games actually.

I will agree mangonels and bombards are toxic as hell right now, but I blame that 100% on the bombards

If anti siege could shoot the bombards before they were in range, people wouldn’t mass up artillery like this bc they’d just get picked off marching to a base.

Culverins and springalds need a range buff, that’d literally fix all this siegefest crap


It will just become a springald war. I guess need nerf speed and durability to mangonels and DPS and speed for bombards

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Well that’s why your culverins have a longer range than the springalds, springalds should also have their damage to non siege units further nerfed.

Spamming springalds wouldn’t work if they didn’t still cut through infantry and horsemen like they do.

The nerf they did was decent but I still feel springalds could use another nerf for damage against non-siege

I -really- feel like mangonels are where they need to be (maybe reload a bit slower) and that they just feel broken because they’re frequently put in combination with the -heavily- op bombard.

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It’s really painful when your army stands near enemy and friendly fire isn’t working…


Oh yes, totally agree friendly fire should be added for mangonel shots.

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Yes there is two ways: nerf movement speed and durability or add friendly fire to them.

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I’d much prefer adding friendly fire as this was included in age 2 and seems odd it was omitted.

Also from a realism perspective, rocks don’t know what team you’re on.


But i only don’t sure that game engine let to do friendly fire…

the minimum range needs increasing and friendly fire adding.

If I get infantry into your mangonel blob then I should be rewarded, not wiped out at near point blank range.

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So essentially making HRE, English and French superior siege civs??? Makes no sense