Manlukes vs War Elephants/Battle Elephants

Are Manlukes the best overall unit to counter these units? Halberdier will lose badly if out numbered by the Elephants. They can run away, and kite the elephants with ease. Where as Halberdier have to fight the War Elephants up close.

Every time I see a Saracen player on the enemy team I get a little annoyed when I am playing Khmer or Persians. I nearly can’t use any elephant units due to them.

I seen guys making the claim the Manluke is a weak unit. But from this stand point, I find the Manluke the ultimate slayer of Elephants units. Nothing more puts more fear in me in the sight of group of Manlukes meeting my costly War Elephants.


If you want a pacifist way, Monks, lots of monks. Wololo


Flaming camels have more style points though


Monks are way better not only it will get rid of the elephant but it will get them against your own army So way better and 1 monk kill elephants faster than 1 mameluke and every civ in the game has access to monks. Then it should be stupid to send war elephants alone vs mamelukes you should add your free archers or just 2 onagers.

Monks need even more micro. Which a big weakness when compared to a Manluke.

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Ohh yeah of course clicking a monk and right clicking an elephant needs more micro.

one? not really.

eighteen? yes.


BTW the best counter to elephants are kamyuks and genosse crossbowman :

ah yes lets use microless tests to prove something. nah no thanks.


Mamelukes have some annoting points for sure. The fact that elephants can’t force engagements is a pain.

Agree, Eles should have a charge mechanic to force some favourable fights. It’s also how they were used in battles historically (charge means, they get a temporary speed boost).
As this change would only help really in high elos where eles are almost never used, it wouldn’t disbalance lower elos where eles are already quite strong.

Mames are a good ele counter, but I think the usual pointy boy + monk defence works great, too. Of course you don’t want to make mass eles in team games vs saracens as you know how strong mames are. But you also don’t want to spam champs against a teuton player. Some civs just counter specific plays completely.

nah it definitely helps on closed maps and noob games too by making elephants even stronger in those games, and they have troubles handling them as is.

Full upgaded Mamelukes destroyed nearly all units in Aoe 2 DE.
See here-

And with micro of PRO players, the Elite Mamelukes may destroy every unit in the game.
The price of Mamelukes is NOT balanced… The price was balanced only in the first edition of Aoe 2, when Elite Mamelukes had only 85 HP.
At 130 HP, the REAL price of an Elite Mameluke is the same as Balista Elephant- about 180 resources- 95 food and 85 gold. It is NOT balanced unit.

The Franks must receive a cheat unit- Cobra cars to defeat them.

What even is going on anymore. Like it started normally then spiralled into “bUt gEnOeSE xBOwS aNd kAmAyUks aNd MonKs aRe bEtTeR” to “better give active abilities to elephants to remove their weakness lololol” to “mamelukes OP”. With the big dose of scenario editor tests in the way else it’s no fun.

I think this must be the first time I’ve seen someone argue that mamelukes are too cheap :rofl:

Truly on these forums every unit is in a superposition of being overpowered and underpowered at the same time

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I find Mamelukes to be very strong. Their super high speed, ranged attack and huge anti-cavalry bonuses make larger numbers of these guys quite tough to deal with. The best bet to counter them is probably masses of Arbs or somewhat counterintuitively Camel Riders.

Despite their high cost they have a relatively cheap elite upgrade.