Many 27374 Version Users Unaware of New 35199 Version

When I occasionally visit the old server I speak with many people unaware there’s a new server with an updated version of AOE DE, and I think I know why.
The message that pops up on the old version isn’t clear enough that there’s a brand new game to unsavy folks like myself.

If a simple message such as: “Download the new complete version with updates with a brand new server.” was mentioned, I think it would solve the problem.

When I tell people I have 2 separate icons for 2 separate AOE DE Versions that direct me to 2 different servers they are quite surprised.

The reason I’m concerned is we don’t want players quitting because the old server isn’t busy enough. This way they have a choice of 2 servers which keeps them more interested in the game.

Hi @ChrisVet10K, There comes a point in time after an announcement where the user is responsible to stay informed. If a user saw the message about a new client and didn’t care to find out more, that is their choice and the devs are not at fault. Some users of the old client are using it by choice, such as deathmatch players due to a few of the new updates in the crossplay client version which are detrimental to their preferred game type.

I have seen a user try to play the initial beta version of this game several months after the beta ended. The devs simply can’t force users to care about staying informed. The responsibility lies on the user. In the age of the internet and social media there is little excuse to be uninformed.

Agreed to a point, referring to a substantial minority of users who aren’t 17 and gamers like you. Many of us are old and not savy. We have no idea what cross networking means. We don’t use social media. When you say the word “Steam” we think of trains.

Tell us to re-download the game to get the newest version of the game with a larger server w/more players - and we’ll understand.

If people don’t understand a message, its the messager’s fault for not communicating it simply.



Hi Mike - go to Microsoft Store

In Search bar type in: Age of Empires Definitive Edition

And this screen will show up:

Press the 3 dots I circled in Red on the picture and ‘install’ on your PC.

A new (2nd) AOE Icon will show up on your desktop.

The new icon is for the new server.

You can also use your old Icon to play at the old server.

People still play at both servers.

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Also make before looking for updated version if your windows 10 is updated to lastest version.