Many Asain units should be rework in the future update

Many of their units is based on prejudice and stereotypes(such as flying crow,siege elephant and sowar,etc.),they should be replaced by the units more representative and more realistic units such as Invincible General Cannon,Zarb zan or Fath Gusha,and so on.I hope we can see this update in the future.

Some of my ideas:
Invincible General Cannon(replace Flying Crow)
Invincible General Cannon

Zarb zan(replace Flail Elephant)
zarb zan

Fath Gusha(replace Siege Elephant)
Fath Gusha

And so on,there are many other units should be replaced,but I have no idea yet,lol.


Replace mortars with a culv equivalent, I’m so sick of Chinese mortars


Yes it would be awesome if all asian civs could get an overhaul, sadly with the way things are going right now I don’t know if it will ever happen :frowning:

They should also change Lakota too, at least let haudenosaunee be able to mine normally and make something special with Lakota. But hey, the Devs don’t communicate with us, so maybe they just disappeared into the closet and are chilling right now in Narnia.

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lol,although it is very wearisome unit,it is a realistic unit,the best way is make a card to make them stronger and more expensive.
And I think the Invincible General Cannon should replace Flying Crow in the future.It is too prejudice and stereotypes.

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May be they are focus on the AOMR,lol.But I still want to see the Asian rework.
And the best way to make more players is to make a new dlc.There are no other ways.
It can be Persia,it can be Denmark,it can be Paraguay,but it can’t be nothing.

They way of they get mine(Tribal Marketplace) is based on Political Correctness,lol.

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Yes and no, for the Lakota more or less for the haudenosaunee no, let me clarify.

Lakota are not allowed to mine because in their culture the earth is the mother of all - everyone and everything that lives on the planet basically - and it is disrespectful to dig into the ground without asking and without good cause. (And no, personal wealth is not a “good cause”.)

The Haudenosaunee on the other side have no tenants against mining. They have no tenants for it, either. It just wasn’t something that popped up largely with them.

Which means them having the fur trading mechanic is completely redundant, for the Lakota on the other side it didn’t really change anything and is still as incorrect as it was before. That’s why I said they should get something that really reflects that they didn’t mine, maybe something similar to the Japanese shrine mechanic, who knows.

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Yes the next civ should either be Persia or Korea (or some other Asian civ).

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I hope to see them soon.

Considering Euros has had quite a few unit replacement/modernisation shipmens and techs, China at the very least should have seperate Artillery and Infantry reform shipments.

Maybe from Age IV or even III there could be shipments or Church card style techs to allow units that follow the standard European unit types. Those weird outdated (certainly for the timeframe) artillery units can get replaced by foreign style cannon and Arquebusiers can swap out 1500s tech for rifles. In fact the shipment, Ever Victorius Army refers to a small Imperial Chinese army that used units armed with modern rifles. Swapping the original shipment with another name and using the name for a new Infantry reformation card would be great.

As a quick aside to the Lakota mention:

For Lakota they should have the:

Buffalo Pound

The idea of a Buffalo Pound has been suggested before by others, but basically a building that could generate huntable Buffalos in addition to some kind of Coin generation (maybe for assigned Villagers to the Pound).

Trading Buffalo Robes and other animal pelts and furs was common for the Lakota so makes more sense than building another broad, conflated ‘market’-named structure.

Coin here is really abstract for trade materials - blankets, guns, cooking implements, etc - not cold hard cash, which would be rather offensive. Ideally Coin for the Lakota at least, could be changed to Furs/Trade Goods to remove all notion of money wealth. Just takes an icon and name change. Even sending a (Coin-using) ally Furs or Trade Goods for it to become Coin on there side makes sense.

If you really want some kind of link to the Mines and their role next to a building, you could always a radius/aura to them - Buffalo Jumps. Basically Mines near to Buffalo Pounds are considered Buffalo Drives which increases Coin (or rather our Furs replacement) generation rate.

I don’t want to veer too far away from the topic, so topic focus will resume from me now :grinning:

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That’s great idea,but I think not only Chinese but also Japanese and Indian need it.