Many bugs in 'Road of the dragon'

Due to the fact that developers simply added an additional “Charge Lance” weapon to the regular Spearman and Horseman, players developed the “Road of the Dragon” and their models flickered. Spearman only displayed their “fire lancer” during charge, while Horseman changed back to regular Lances after charging.
The impact of this oversight is not only visual, but according to testing, it seems to also affect the actual attack values of spearmen and cavalry.

The repair method is very simple: add the “melee” and “spearwall” corresponding to the fire lance to Zhu Xi’s spearmen, and add the “melee” corresponding to the fire lance to Zhu Xi’s Horseman to repair it, just like you did with the Japanese spearmen.
In addition, some players have reported that the charge attack power of the original Chinese civilization fire lancer seems to have decreased compared to before the update. Please confirm with the developers.

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