Maori Mythology for Age of Mythology II

I think a Polynesian myth specifically the one from the mighty Maori culture would give the fans a needed versatility and a unique story to play and learn.


Tane - God of Forests and Birds

Tawhirimatea - God of Weather

Tumatauenga - God of War, Cultivation, and Cooking

Uenuku - God of the Rainbow

Punga - God of Ugliness and Deformed Things

Whiro - God of Darkness and Evil

Maori Bestiary:

  1. Aitu - spirits/demons.
  2. Hahau-whenua - gigantic fish the size of New Zealand’s north island.
  3. Hakawai - omen-inducing harbingers of war birds.
  4. Hakuturi - bird-like guardians of the forest; children of Tane.
  5. Kawau - an extremely gluttonous and greedy ogress who devoured her children and binged on food.
  6. Maero - dark body haired giants with #### ####### and sharp fingernails. They love to kill and eat people.
  7. Manaia - head of a bird, tail of a fish and body of a man; messengers between the mortal world and the spirit domain.
  8. Ngarara - massive reptilian ogres/ogress.
  9. Nuku-mai-tore - forest-dwelling spirits.
  10. Patupaiarehe - pale skinned humanoids with red or blonde hair; they can summon mist and cast invisibility among structural objects.
  11. Ponaturi - goblins who live underground beneath the sea. They dread sunlight and come in swarms.
  12. Porotai - creatures that are half-flesh; half-stone. They have two faces and are invisible to humans.
  13. Pou-a-hao-kai - a massive cannibal ogre consistently ate large canoes and men. Only way to quell this monstrosity is by shoving large burning stones in its throat.
  14. Poukai - think Haast’s eagle but on a mythical scale in terms of power and size.
  15. Taniwha - gigantic supernatural beings that live in caves or water - very dangerous to people. They look like a hybrid version of a shark and a crocodile with spikes on their backs and can swim and walk on land.
  16. Te Wheke-a-Muturangi - a colossal and monstrous octopus.
  17. Tipua - demons with different shapes and sizes; these can also be common inanimate objects as well.
  18. Tutaua - a large demonic tree that produces an eerie noise.
  19. Tuna Tuoro - a dangerous mythical monster that could bark like a ravenous dog, attack humans, and can sink underground.
  20. Tutunui - a mythical whale and a steed of Tinirau, the god of fishes. It is capable of capsizing ships.
  21. Waitoreke - otter/beaver like mythical creatures.


Matuku - a gigantic ogre-like monstrosity with overwhelming power who is capable of killing “divine-like” beings. The tail is where its titanic strength lies.

A “beachy” terrain inhabited by the Maori civilization would also be a great eye-candy for AoM players, too.

Should the Maori Mythology be added in Age of Mythology II?
  • YES! We need the Maori myth in this game 100%. Their myth, culture, and architecture are unique enough.
  • No. Not interested.

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No. It’s easy to make these sheets but it’s not easy to make.

If there’s a ‘yes, if everything else is working, and other DLCs in the queue are finished’ option then I’d say yes.

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You overthink too much.

But he’s actually right. Maori mythology is very interesting but it’s not popular, so it wouldn’t sell as much as let’s say mesopotamians or aztecs.

It’s just a simple yes or no question. I’m not asking for those who voted yes to have the mythology be skyrocketed as the main priority and cut in line in front of Meso, Aztecs, Japanese, etc… Those myths are irrelevant to what this thread is about.

Hell yes! That culture looks amazing to be in the game

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