Map balance

I know we still have many many more bugs and balance issues that are pressing. But allow me to highlight the currently unfair practices of these random map generations. I’ve watch most all the bigger tournaments this game has had and countless times contenders are put at disadvantage because access and resources are not equalivant between the players!!!

Now I remember some patches ago something was done for a few maps generation problems, and I believe the devs are planning to have some of the map designers join the next podcast, yet many more of these issues exist.

Hopefully we can create this thread to help navigate the upcoming discussions on map generation.

Personally I like playing and watching games on random generated maps. However I do think certain things should be static or at least symmetric.

Sheep deer and berries should spawn with an equal amount of each player’s side of the map and positioned symmetrically in terms of distance from the main TC and orientation.

For example if my starting gold mine spawns to the left of my TC within 7 tiles then my opponent’s gold mine should also be to the left OR right of his TC within 7 tiles. What is not fair is if my spawns in front of my tc towards the center of the map while his spawns behind his tc towards the edge? Either both up front or both behind or a combination of left and right (diagonal positioning are also considered).

Yes in a way it will diminish a certain level of scouting since the symmetry can be anticipated given my suggestions. But I suggested fairness of the map is worth it. Nevertheless there can still be relatively high amount of scouting still necessary.

Sheep and deer can all be equal distance and equally orientated from respective TC but that doesn’t mean they are in the exact mirror locations of each other. Same with mines and tree lines.

One of the good things that age of empires has is that force the player to adapt to the randomness of the map generation.

It’s not bad that there is such a thing as random but it’s good only for as long as it doesn’t give more advantage to one player or the other, otherwise there’s a lack of balance in that randomness.