Map biomes

Why do maps have a specific biome pool attached to them?
For instance Dry arabia is always played with gobi desert biome. I like the map but really hate the biome which is why I have it banned. Could we please change this feature somehow. For instance have a bigger biome pool for maps or are you planning on releasing something like “Green arabia” map with European temperate, Japanese spring biomes?
What do you guys think? Any ideas?

The maps do not have specific biomes attached to them

You can change the biome (or enviroment) in map settigs, when You start a new game

Or do You talk about Skirmish or ranked multiplayer?

Should have been more specific. I’m talking about Multiplayer Quick-Match and Ranked, yes

Ahh, I see, i though, that You talk about SP skirmish

I just played ranked MP match , and yes, I had Dry Arabia map with gobi desert biome