MAP - Can someone make this?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a volunteer who can make this map design for me.
I would very much appreciate it.

You can call the map “Conflict”


Nice visual and layout! Any details around the victory point? (holy site, destroy/build building… etc.)

Those I do not mind where they are, the extra ambiance is fine with me. I’ve just layed out the basic location of resources. Everything else can be manipulated to best fit the map itself.
I’m assuming you have taken this task in to your hands. Good luck.

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There is a discord server that is dedicated to making custom maps, maybe you should ask them to see if they do it for you.

Este es el link: Age of Empires IV - Maps

Maybe? xD That would be the base, he would only have to add the resources, fix the ocean above and the sacred places.

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I like it thus far! Great job dud.
I presume the space between the spawn points have a large enough area to build your city?

Yes, the map was generated large enough.

Ready, check your map :smiley:

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■■■■ love the way it looks. I really appreciate it.
I’ll get inside it and see what more can be implemented. Thank you.

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If you have any bug or suggestion you can write it on the discord server that I send you. There I notify all the updates and new maps that I make.