Map editor: how to stop AI movement?

Whatever i do the AI keeps moving units that i don’t want it to and it ruins my scenario.

I tried using Freeze object, didn’t work.
I tried using Change Unit Stance, set it to stand ground, didn’t work.
I tried Task Object and not give them any location, didn’t work.

I like to know a way to stop the AI moving around some units. I want those units to stay in position until enemy gets near to them, not randomly wandering around on the map. Another thing i noticed is that the partol trigger worked, at least for a while, then some if not more than half of the units move away breaking the patrol.

I heard about using “Immobile AI” or to set the AI to “none”. I don’t know where can i get the first one or if there is even an aviabality for definitive edition from it. About the second it isn’t an option in the game, at least in definitive edition. If it is then it’s not there for me. And if it’s part of a mod than i couldn’t find it.

Can you guys give me any solutions or help me? I would really appriciate it.

“AI - No Unit Movement” mod

Setting AI personality to “None”

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Thank you very much!

Now the only thing i gotta figure out is how to make the AI not kill the sheep that i give to them.

@Chesqin You are the AI expert and maybe can teach how to persuade AI to keep :sheep: alive :smiley:

That would be great. Now I just happened on another problem. I want to make it so, when you destroy 1 enemy house you earn x amount of gold. The problem is (I’m using Accumulate Attribute and within that Razings) that if i put it on loop once 1 house is destroyed your gold keeps ticking up. On the other hand, if i don’t use loop then you destroy 2 houses but only get the gold once. These two things are my main issues now that I can’t seem to find answers for. (this latter one is a bit more pressing than the sheepies)

Hi, I’m probably late to this thread but I think I have some solutions for your problems.

  1. To avoid the AI killing a certain ship you could set the ship HP very high, so it takes more than a hit to kill them. Then, set as condition a certain HP value of your ship and create an effect that heals the ship when its HP drop below the set value. Set the trigger to looping. It’s not very elegant given the AI will have one or more farmer costantly hitting the poor animal, but it’s something.

  2. As for the second problem, I wondered that too. It’s weird that the developers didn’t put a simple option to do this. Anyway, I’ll just paste what I found on Age of Kings Heaven. Just put “raizings” instead of “kills” and it should work. Sadly, it works only if you are making an RPG where you have one character that is not supposed to ever die:

Ever wonder how RPG makers allow a player to receive gold continually for every unit the player kills. It is actually quite simple if you understand the trigger:

Display as Objective: No
Trigger Starting State: On
Trigger Looping: Yes

Condition: Accumulate Attribute ( 1 Kill Ratio: Player 1 )
Effect: Tribute ( 10 Gold: GAIA » Player 1 )
Effect: Create Object ( ANY UNIT: ANY AREA )
Effect: Kill Object ( ANY UNIT )

This trigger gives 10 gold to Player 1 every time Player 1 kills a unit, but how does it work? Well, at the beginning, Player 1’s kill ratio is at zero. Once he kills a unit, however, his kill ratio becomes ( one minus zero ) one, and GAIA gives Player 1 the gold. However, at that time, another unit is created somewhere else and then immediately killed. Now, Player 1’s kill ratio is back at ( one minus one ) zero. This process can then be repeated indefinitely. The reason kills do not work is that the number of kills each player receives is stored as one number during the entire game. If Player 1 kills a unit, his kill count will be one, but if he kills another unit, his kill count will be two. There is no way to reduce a player’s kill count. The only way would be to create a trigger manually for every single kill! To be even more professional, replace

Effect: Tribute ( 10 Gold: GAIA » Player 1 )

Effect: Tribute ( -10 Gold: Player 1 » GAIA )

This will eliminate the “GAIA paid 10 gold in tribute to you.” message.