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Did they announce anything on the map editor in AOE 4? I’m really into making maps, coming from warcraft 3, then spellforce 3, but AOE 3 editor is kinda clunky since it’s integrated into the game and it doesn’t seem like it got updated with definitive edition. I’d love to be able to create more complex maps/campaigns like warcraft 3 allows for example.


I don´t have a real answer for that, i haven´t seen it announced but the thing is that the map editor feauture has been in all the games of the saga. It would be rare to miss that function.
I know that this isnt the answer you where looking for but i hope it helps!

Yeah, I know it’ll be there, but my hope is that it’s more complete and maybe separate from the game like warcraft and spellforce do. There’s so much potential in the AOE community.

Tell me about it, i been adressing issues that with minor changes will improve significantly the game experience in AO2 DE and i was given 0 attention by the people who can make a difference.
The main point of this forum is to get to exchange ideas with them (and i get that they have a lot of posts to read) but it seems better to express yorself in websites with more visibility.
It upsets me to see them answering questions like “why does my name has numbers next to it” and not posts like this one.

Yeah, I thought this forum was for feedback based on what i saw from AO 3 DE. The map editor has been really clunky since age of empires 1, I was hoping they’d make it “independent” from the game like other games do.

A powerful map editor would undoubtedly draw the attention of mappers and modders alike, now that there are unit abilities and different mechanics/triggers/events/scripts to play with.

We could have sophisticated hero vs hero vs armies maps for example (similar to Defense of the Ancients) or lots of cool RPG-like scenarios and other custom maps like castle defense or prop hunt :+1:


To add to this I’d love a “campaign” tutorial showing how to use it and explore little known quirks or commands to spice up your scenarios. I love those little mini games people made in AOE 2


There better be very big map sizes for diplo games


Company of Heroes has an external Editor so I think there is a good chance that the AoE4 one will be external too.

I have a love hate relationship with the Starcraft 2 editor, it has so many possibility but even changing simple things takes ages because you have to change like 4 different objects instead of just one in Warcraft 3.

Technically the best solution would be a simple ingame editor and a complex external one but that would require them making two separate ones.

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it really depends on the game engine how it can be implemented, in-game or separate editor. I played a lot with AoE2 editor, so hope it comes for 4 too, in any form :slight_smile:

There would be a riot if there was no Map Editor.


That’s what I’m most excited for. It’s Relic, so It’s probably a newer engine than the one used in AOE3, let’s hope for an external editor. I experienced the same thing as you with the Starcraft 2 editor, I was so hopeful that it would be a world editor from wc3 on steroids, and while it is indeed powerful, it’s complex, clunky and there are no tutorials/resources to learn it properly (I don’t know how is the modding scene in Sc2 nowadays, I haven’t played it for a long time).

There will be a map/scenario editor, but don’t expect any proper mod tools - at least not at launch. Microsoft won’t be interested in catering to total conversion mods, and Relic’s recent games (DoW3, CoH2) had strict limitations on modding.

Yeah, after downloading company of heroes 2 from game pass and no option to launch the editor is available, i think so too.