Map Forest is bad designed, no water gameplay

This map absolutly destroying this game. Its not about battle, just make walls, mine your gold so there is no need to push in middle and sometimes send troops when you got Wonder. You can easily just camp while you wonder time ticking by making castles… After some experiences, im leaving game with my friends when i see this map in lobby. No way to destroy trees.

Did anyone notice in aoe4 are ships useless? Big problems there is no water maps, no one playing ships.Not enough maps to play them. And if you got them, they are useless because you cant snipe from water anything.

Pleas add bigger cannon ship range, more water maps and make in forest little bit wider routes, it can help this game so much for better gameplay

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They need to just allow map bans like AoE2 so people who hate black forest don’t have to play it.

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Of course, but it definitively need wider routes.