Map generating ideas

I wonder if developers make map generator fair for players ? For example i played a game i had only 1 forest. enemy had 3 around him and he could better defend. Isn’t this unfair for gameplay ? We should have each resources part as equal as enemy has. Then this should be a fair game.

You should to adapt… It is randomess

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i agree it must be random. But atleast make it equal. If i have to adapt enemy should too. There is no easy step for players. I can easy to lose someone if we have equal power. If i have 20 tiles far away wood than enemy should have the same. If i have 3 front gold then enemy has to be same. It is changing everything. I am not even talking about hills just some maps are really having good anvantages. Which is easy win for one of player.

Kinda have to say that some maps have pretty bad gens. Sometimes one player can easily wall up, while the other player is wide open and has to play ‘naked’. While this does not in itself guarantee a gameloss/gamewin, it does change the odds.

Basically you would need to have the map mirrored to be able to eliminate any random advantages. And that sounds pretty lame.


i guess the system works like that. wood tiles are equal to between 5-25 .make it random position and 15-25 tiles far from tc. it should be all resources is the same. I am suggesting instead of this random numbers. it should be equal numbers. 5-25 is not solution but if you command find the number between 5-25 then found number is the same for each player. better and more fair.

instance for : 5 trees (5-25) far from tc 25 tiles (15-25). At the same time the enemy, 25 trees (5-25) far from tc 15 (15-25) and this is unfair matchup

That’s fine, until your wood line is forward and his is in the back of his base, meaning he can pressure your wood line better then you can his. Just like you both have the same amount of gold piles, but if yours is forward and his isn’t there is a disadvantage to you.

So if there’s any variation people will be able to argue “this or that was better for him, I had a disadvantage” unless you make it so similar that you can scout your own base and basically know the layout of his resources.

See what I’m saying?

I understand your point, but I think, not mirrored maps force players to go agressive if they have a bad map or things like that. It makes matches more variable. Sometimes you will have a good map, sometimes will not


and in another thread at the same time, people are crying that players are dodging maps… if people get frustrated by consistently getting bad map gens on a map, they’re more likely to dodge it.

I dont think the dodging is because of bad maps. I can see two main reasons why people dodge:

  1. They want to play 1 map only. So instead of going to the lobby and just host that map, they will annoy other people in ranked by just quitting before the game is launched.

  2. People just quit in the first seconds of the game, so their elo drops. These people just want easy games or want to annoy or troll lower rated players.

Dodging because unbalanced maps is pretty rare.

I also think that map gen is part of the game. The game dont need to be mirrored. Part of playing the game is to scout the base of the enemy and pick your strategy accordingly. If you have a bad map (very open, front golds, …), then you have to play more aggressive. If you have an easy map to wall, then you can play more defensive. So you have to adopt your strategy based on these inputs.


A new map or map toggle should be created called, “Mirror Land.” Everyone who needs exact, perfect balance could rejoice in this unrealistic, inorganic, precisely mirrored, clearly-human-crafted, gamey world.

Even birds that fly over will fly in perfect mirrored balance. Fish that jump, will jump at opposite sides of the map in unison. Mirrored wolves will face the exact same directions relative to each player. Trees, mines, dirt patches, grass clumps, water tiles, water depths, and everything else will be mirrored. Every mountain, mound, trench, snow clump, and relic will be perfectly mirrored.

I’m afraid shadows will be cast by the sun in the same direction across the entire map, though. However, if it’s absolutely necessary, I’m sure devs could mirror the shadows, too; as it would be terrible and unfair if tree shadows dim a sheep for you (making it harder to see) and not your opponent

With all this, though, it will be easy to see who is the better player in these chessboard-like Mirror Land matches and matches will be perfectly fair.

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Mirror maps also have another ‘benefit’: It makes laming much more easy.
You know exactly the position of the enemy and their boars and sheeps after you found yours.
I am fine with laming as part of the game, but i am not fine with promoting laming. So i dont support ideas that are pro laming.

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Yes, I think also that this is the main problem. But not the only problem. There are some maps I will always disconnect from, because they are simply frustrating and stressful to play, and have no resemblance of fun.

I was not advocating for perfectly mirrored maps, but just pointing out that if you consistently get games where you can be at a major disadvantage due to the map, you’re probably not going to want to play it much.

So pick one. Which will it be? If I get an unwallable map, I’m 100% going to lame as much as physically possible.