Map generation bug: Megarandom

This screenshot shows how in a Megarandom game the limit between land and water was not properly rendered.

Sorry, I don’t have the seed number. I don’t know how to obtain it while in-game or post game. If you teach me, I’ll at least be ready for the next bugged map report.

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Thank you for the screencap @webJose!

To find your map seed while in game, simply press ESC and you’ll see it near the top. You can click the little button to copy it:


This also works post-game and viewing a replay, as long as you are watching the actual game screen you can hit ESC and it will bring up the same info.

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Thanks. By now, it is pretty clear to me that you won’t be needing the seed number as it happens so often that it is probably unneeded. The problem is there for almost all mega random renditions that contain water.