Map Generation Vetting (AoE4)

Hey Insiders and Devs!

I think the random generation of maps is awesome and works very well generally. However, one of the issues arising from this is in competitive/MP play, when important resources are not balanced equally around the map.

For example the number of or size of gold nodes can be much larger and “better” on one side of the map right next to an enemy starting location compared to other side of the map.

So I wondered if some sort of vetting script could be created? Idea would be that the map would be created, the bot/script would run a quick scan for the location of resources (it could even check for forest or water density/spread) and take appropriate action.

While I appreciate this may make loading into matches longer, it could be an on-off option especially given this is really only a huge concern for competitive play.


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This is a very interesting question. It is true that for the competitive it can be annoying and oblige a revenge. (As we can see in some tournaments on AOEII) I personally did not have the problem, and the problem of the longer loading will be mandatory for this kind of options.

In any case, I support the process of adding a script that scans the map.

PS: Did you notice the problem on “Arabia”?


Yeah, at this moment it’s an issue, but not a major one. However, I fully expect it to be a growing issue when the competitive scene really takes off with Ranked etc.

I did not see it on Arabia actually.

Afterwards I really don’t think that this opus will have a competitive scene as developed as the 2. It will be on the 2 that the real competition takes place … We can feel in certain aspects of the game that it is more “Casu” which is why is not a bad choice, getting out of the infernal loop of always competitive will do good too.