Map name - Load screen AOE IV

I’ve been watching some games with narration done by content producers and realized that I miss knowing the name of the map that will be played, in the initial loading screen of the game.


Hi when we are loading into a game can we please have the map display? I am always forgetting or missing hte map


I would love that feature as well to many times I was alt tabbed and din t realize the map finding out it’s a water/hybrid map and messing up the build order ^^

If you open menu (f10) while in game there is the map name and the seed.

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Thanks mate though I still want map in loading screen. Helps for discussion amongst team members.

There’s also a juicy empty spot on the left of the screen that it could fit easily into.

I think this is a good idea too.

Yes that would be great and should be easy to do.

so: upcoming map on the loading screen