Map of Native American Locations (playable and minor)

These are general locations based on a days worth of research. somethings could be wrong but, it should give you a good perspective on geographical and cultural representation in the game.

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Seems that Nootka and Klamath are missing. Would be cool to compare with a map of what tribes are platayle on which game maps.

Nootka is on Vancouver Island and Klamath is that small blob in southern Oregon. I know some minor civs can be found way out of where they were from. Nootka and Klamath are like the west coast north America tribes and the Zapotec can be found in the amazon despite being from southern Mexico.

Considering the range for the Lakota is literally just the proposed nation of the Republic of Lakhota, I’m disinclined to trust this map all that much. The Republic of Lakhota’s proposed area is tiny compared to the native range of the people themselves and was based on the treaties signed between the Lakota and the US gov’t.

Quick education lesson - If the US gov’t had honored literally any of the treaties they signed with my people, that red chunk the center-top would be the Lakota Reservation right now rather than a few tiny counties scattered through North and South Dakota, some of which aren’t even within the boundaries agreed in the treaties.

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I would also not trust my map for complete accuracy. You are correct in what you say however, the point of the map was just to show general locations based on how each tribe or people group is represented in the game. These are not limits to how far anyone traveled or the only place any of these people called home. I would be open to learning more though. If you could make a map that would be great!

Don’t need to.

The Lakota are only listed as a language on this site. They appear only in southern Saskatchewan. Is this correct or am I missing something?

Should I be looking at Očhéthi Šakówiŋ?

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I forgot you wouldn’t know which tribes are Lakota and which ones aren’t, or what we called ourselves in our own language. It shouldn’t list Lakota at all - the Ochethi Sakowin are the Lakota, but it does break down some specific tribes like the Sihasapa, Oohenumpa, Hunkpapa, and Oglala.

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some alterations made after looking at ‘’.