Map packs and plants suggestion

I have been playing since the beta and there are two things that i cannot get used to it, one are the integration of the acacia forest kind of BoA_arabia in most map packs, specially on arabia or even water maps, those trees are bad for competitive game play since there are holes, less wood and it is usually at longer distances compared to normal maps, those trees are from the Sahara map and i don’t know you but no one ever asked for that and i would like to suggest to remove all those desert acacia forest maps from the maps outside sahara or any other based african map, keep the game maps we all know since 20 years ago.

The second one is another thing no one asked for, why did you multiplied the number of generated plants in the maps?? it is a mess on green lands with small trees, visually they are not beautiful and i know you can remove them with mods, but currently an error message displays when using one mod and when using the other mod you get crashes while spectating, so i am not asking to remove all the plants from the map script, but simply there is no need to have plants every four tiles,it is just too much, could you keep them as they were in old aoc?

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