Map pick quitters

Is starting to be very annoying that players quit the game when they dont want to play in that map, I could not play a water map in a long time beacause people now is chosing map according the civ they want to play using quick match instead of custom game.
I have already reported all the player who crushed the game, the game report shows no result in it. Lets see if Relic cares about hackers/cheaters. I added them to friend and they are online so so far seems like not,

Relic should apply a 20MINN NO PLAY PENALTY for those who are quiting the map when the game is starting, so players who want to play specifiq maps just do a custom game instead of playing quick match.

I get your point but water map is really boring now…It’s actually a problem left to the developers to improve water map experience.


It would be much better if players where able to ban maps in Quick Match. Most people hate playing on water maps or maps where you can turtle to imperial. It has nothing to do with civs, I avoid the same maps no matter which civ I use.

I always dodge Warring Islands, Archipelago, Boulder Bay and Black Forrest. It would be much better if this could be done with map vetoes instead.


Feedback heard—thanks, all!