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All right. Enough is enough.
Why the h**l can’t we choose the maps we want to play in team games without all that “favorite and random” thing?

For instance, I don’t like Arena, Nomad and Team Islands but I can only ban one so I picked Nomad.
As a result, Arena was picked 6 times a row by the servers.

Guys ! What is your problem with allowing us to choose the way we want to play??
If any choice is harder to match, we would just have to wait any required time to have what we want but, at least, this would be a real choice and actual fun. I prefer to wait 10 minutes then play the way I want than restarting the game every 4 minutes. Because, that’s what everybody does as you certainly know.

Things should be way simpler : I like this one, this one and this one, I’m allowed to ban the others and that’s all.

Anyway… Make us able to choose our ranked games through the monthly voted map pool and keep the imposed maps for actual tournaments.
Thank you

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Go play unranked if you only want to play one map. Constantly waiting in a queue and then having to do it all over again because some kid shuts his game instead of playing a certain map is almost as annoying as the constant Failed To Join Party messages (thanks DE)

Arena is probably the second most popular map after Arabia, so if you don’t ban it, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get it.


…and spoiling the experience for everybody else who waits. Until a certain points its even deseved, that you ruined your evening. You can select a favourite map and have at least 1 ban, if other ppl have TI or Arena as favourite map, respect it. If you want to have more bans simply queue as a group of friends. If you dislike the random queue so much, you indeed better go for unranked.


I don’t see the problem of having unlimited bans now. It may cause a bit longer waiting time but the majority prefering Arabia and Arena apparently won’t be affect. I start to feel that It is really weird to mix the players of differnt preference in the same mode. Maybe the old HD or Voobly Lobby is a better way.

It’s because it first finds a match, and the selects the map.
If people in your match like Arena or Islands, that’s likely to come up.

If you want to match people based on who likes the same map, that would be a different system.

If you don’t want others preferences to dominate your preferences, play 1v1, so you have around 50% for your favorite map and 3 bans. Or try to host unranked, although finding enough similarly skilled players might be hard.

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This actually means you need to be banned.
Because god knows how many poeple’s games you ruined