Map Variants

There are some maps like great lakes or silk road that have different versions. On Great Lakes specially its a game changing factor for availity of water.

It would be a great quality of life improvement to get the option to choose between them on lobbies, keeping the random option of course as uncertainty is funny too :slight_smile:


Would be quite useful.

For reference, here’s how I implemented this feature on ESOC Patch, although the current devs may find a more elegant solution:

Ideally, an option should appear dynamically only on maps where such option is valid.

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In my opinion, a nice option would be to choose variants of the seasons on each map. In addition to choosing the time of day, this would give you multiple opportunities to play on the same map.

A summer evening on the Mediterranean map or a winter night in Siberia - that would be something classic. But a winter in the Sahara or the Amazon would be something extra.

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