Map with coal mines break all the dynamics of the raked game

coal mines break all the dynamics of the raked game watch this recorded game and pay attention only to the spanish player

Gravar jogo - Copia.age3Yrec (9.5 MB)

I admit that the Spanish player played very well the map totally unbalanced, my chinese partner and I didn’t know that the coal mines gave double the gold collection practically to unsuspecting people in hacked games they think the opponent is using hackers, more practically the spanish player using coal mines in era 2 and 3 has a higher rate than the imperial gold collection rate, in my opinion maps that give extra resources or mines that give the higher rate than the common already break the dynamics of the game imagine these mines of coal with a Dutch player

FYI, the treasure ships on Panama also gather at a higher rate. They gather at a more reasonable 1 coin/second instead of the 1.2 coin/second of coal mines. 0.6 coin/second is the base rate for other mines.


ele praticamente tinha mais de 8 bancos holandeses cada aldeão passava de 1.60 em ouro praticamente essas minas de carvão quebram totalmente a dinâmica fora as habilidades nativas que simplesmente para suas unidades por 5 segundo permitindo matar todo um exercito grande, como os desenvolvedores permitem um coisas dessas

But this is one of the map features? Adjust your strategy to either also use the coal mine or raid theirs

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some civs are going to naturally benefit a ton more from this than others. Some civs don’t even have a high coin unit at all age 2 (think lakota) while some like germany, ottoman or especially sweden are just gonna be laughing while spamming uhlans/abus/mercs

I agree it can go both ways but literally double the gather rate is just way too good

That is a good point. At the same time any livestock maps benefit some civs more than others, arguably at a different level. No fast wood gathering yet though


Coal mines should be guarded by tressure guardians. That would make it more of a trade off taking them in Age 2.


o problema e que esse mapa esta listado para jogos ranqueados você tem noção que isso desbalanceado para algumas civis, esse mapa precisa ser concertado ou no mínimo removido dos jogos ranqueados.

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I wish there were treasures like this that were protected resources.

  • Coal mines protected by miners
  • Treasure ships protected by pirates
  • Blueberries protected by black bears
  • Dens that could be gathered from protected by coyotes, etc

There could also be ones where the guardian is the treasure such as a bull elephant that could be killed to harvest ivory, or a grizzly that could be killed for its pelt.


I like these new features on maps like coal mines, mills, towers etc. It doesn’t effect the game anymore than getting a water map does, if it’s a water map then ports are going to be a lot happy than germans for example. Civs have maps they are better on than others.

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That’s kinda why I think that treasures are missed chance in AoE3 in general. More like giving the player something to do in Age1.

Just make Age 1 shorter (or remove it from the game) and make the guardians protect valuable resources and other things like trade post sockets or even things like shortcuts on the map.

Problem is, powerful treasures can imbalance the game. Especially in treaty.

I feel treasures have good impact right now. There is also strategy in choosing which treasures to prioritize. They add just the right amount of depth to the game.

I know that is a more fundamental thing.
But I wish that would have been how they designed and balanced it in the first place.
Kinda like in Warcraft 3 where additional mines are always guarded by creeps.

DE really rebalanced the treasures, much less game changing treasures now and much more treasure distribution. Surely a few miners on a coal mine wouldn’t be imbalanced if there were enough coal mines per player

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It’s not, if you know your enemy is a civ that needs a lot of gold like germany then it encourages you both to fight over those mines.

hard to fight effectively over coin mines when uhlans or abus are magically nearly half the cost. double is wayy way way too much. a mine thats like 15% faster is one thing but thie ridiculous

allow me to elaborate. if you’re playing haudenosaunee on this map all your units will cost food wood. your opponent has vills now magically twice as powerful as yours. 2 imperial upgrades up over you. a settler wagon is worth 4 of your vills. doesn’t matter what you do, your units will get defeated cost effectively. this isn’t the only instace but its a very obvious one

1 map out of the entire map pool though where they have an advantage if they can secure the mines early, vs any livestock map where they are at a disadvantage vs the africans, any water map etc. USA have always had them as a shipment, they can have them placed right in base upon reaching fortress.

Don’t dens usully give really low prizes? I think having to fight a guardian for that wouldn’t be worth it.

I’m meaning something new you could actually harvest with a villager. Like what I described here:

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